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Children & Babies Eye Examinations

DF Optometrists for your child…

Vision is one of the key senses for education and a primary sense in how we navigate the world. It’s therefore easy to see how it is very important that a child is given the most optimal visual system possible to maximise their potential. Amazingly, most of a child’s visual development happens by the time they’re seven but visual problems in children often develop without symptoms and can start from a very young age. As such, we strongly recommend that all children start having eye examinations aged six to twelve months old and continue having them at regular intervals thereafter.

David Fleischmann, has nearly a decade of high level paediatric clinical experience, is the lead optometrist in Central Middlesex Hospital Paediatric & Squint eye clinic and has a plethora of certifications in this field. David ensures your child’s appointment is not only the thorough careful examination they deserve but also is fundamentally a fun, enjoyable and beneficial experience throughout.

At DF Optometrists we feel no child should go without and as such we offer the NHS Sight Test service in addition to our gold standard eye examinations for children.

Just like for adults we offer enhanced services for kids, including visual help for children with learning differences, such as dyslexia and also binocular vision (eye-coordination) clinics.