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Colorimetry at DF Optometrists is only performed using the gold standard Mk3 Colorimeter to ensure we treat with the utmost precision. The Mk3 colorimeter accurately controls the parameters of coloured light; the hue, saturation and brightness giving us unprecedented levels of control. The intuitive colorimeter is the only machine currently to have been shown effective in double-masked trials.

Examination with the Mk3 Colorimeter lasts for approximately 30 minutes and once found the precision tinted lens combination can be dispensed as precision tinted spectacles, though contact lenses are available too.

Our Meares-Irlen Syndrome/Visual Stress clinics are available for all patients, SFE/DSA funding may be available for Higher Education students – please check with your DSA funding agreement.

We are able to offer very convenient appointment times, including evenings and weekends, there is ample free parking in addition to both nearby tube & bus links.