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Welcome to the new home of David Devan Optometrists

As you know, David Devan Optometrists was started some 36 years ago by Lis and David with the aim of being a stalwart of high quality clinical optometry in conjunction with offering a stylish collection of frames. In recent years under the guidance of myself the practice has seen tremendous growth and expansion, especially in its premium frame and lens offerings. Optometry too has been evolving rapidly in the past five years, with technology that can visualise individual layers within the retina and optometrists who are now able to diagnose, manage and treat a full range of eye conditions, including glaucoma. Skilling-up in these areas takes significant time and dedication and for us to offer them to our patients required looking for outside input.

As a patient you’ll be aware that we have our own unique care ethos and extremely high clinical standards. Finding a partner practice with a similar outlook, in the right geographical area, which shared our vision for the future has been challenging, but necessary.

It’s in light of this past pedigree that Lis and I are thrilled to announce that we have joined with David Fleischmann of DF Optometrists, Woodside Park, to form a practice for the future, DF Optometrists at The Devans.

Opened by clinically minded Optometrist David Fleischmann in 2013 as a medically focused eye care centre, DF Optometrists has offered it’s patients cutting edge clinical care using the latest knowledge, technologies and techniques. He has been principle optometrist for the paediatric eye clinic and specialist optometrist in Glaucoma at Central Middlesex Hospital in addition to a wealth of experience in high end clinical optometric settings. He holds specialist qualifications in therapeutic management of eye conditions, binocular vision & paediatrics, vision and learning difficulties, dry eye, and myopia control therapies amongst others. David’s history in both high end clinical primary care optometry and hospital eye care enables him to bring superior knowledge and excellent care into the community.

There’s a few administrative notes that invariably come with events like this.

Firstly, recalls and reminders will not be affected.

Secondly, our email address has been updated to: [email protected]

Lastly, we’re now able to offer online bookings at www.dfoptometrists.com/appointments

I’m confident you’ll be even happier with the services offered in our new guise and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Kindest regards,